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Don't rely on just any doctor. Trust the telemedicine of Ultraspecialisti.

Log in and stay in touch with the best expert for your treatment, send your clinical documentation online and obtain his or her opinion via a call or videocall within 5 days.
* Paid Service.

Benefits for the patient

Get in touch with the specialist and customise your treatment. We help you overcome all barriers to your health needs.

Your best health expert

Get a tele-consultation with world-class specialists. Receive an opinion within 5 working days.

At home as well as in the surgery

Fill in the personalised medical history form for your condition online and send all examinations and radiological images to your doctor in complete safety.

Continuous care over time

Get clarification or talk to the specialist via video link. If necessary, schedule a follow-up visit or plan remote monitoring.

Do you represent a hospital or healthcare facility?

Discover our customisable and certified telemedicine solutions to offer your patients the possibility of carrying out televisits, medical consultations and treatment paths online in complete security and respect for privacy.

By your side for every need

In the field of Telemedicine and online medical examinations, don’t rely on generic sites or forums and avoid the risks of self-diagnosis. Our platform guarantees security and full compliance with laws and regulations regarding privacy and the processing of sensitive data.

Rely on the experience of Ultraspecialisti: through our service you will receive the medical opinion of the most competent doctor for your diagnostic and therapeutic course, thanks to a community of internationally recognised experts who are vertically specialised in hundreds of pathologies and experts in multidisciplinary approaches.

Get in touch, safely, with the Ultraspecialisti who is the right doctor for you: register in the reserved area, fill in the questionnaire specific for your pathology, send all the documentation and obtain the Ultrafast opinion of the specialist doctor in just 5 days. You can also lay down a treatment plan and online check-ups (a periodic review of examinations) with your specialist. The specialist will always be available for a face-to-face meeting if necessary.

A team of experts is ready to help you throughout the entire course, answering all your questions and assisting you 7 days a week in case of difficulties. Your health is important to us.


Assurance and quality

You can trust Ultraspecialisti, because it is the brainchild of the doctors themselves


The doctors are recognised experts on the individual pathology and provide their opinions on the basis of the data sent via the platform. The process is validated and guaranteed for maximum patient benefit.


The request for consultation and the connection with the doctor takes place in a personal and protected area. Personal data is protected in accordance with current regulations on privacy and the processing of sensitive data.


Avoid wasting time and money: with our online platform you can easily identify the doctor and send him or her your clinical documentation, limiting travel to a minimum.

What they say about us

"The advice from Ultraspecialisti arrived very quickly. It was clear and super detailed. Unbelievable to be able to get the consultation of such competent professionals so easily! Unique and invaluable service."
"I was suffering from breast cancer. With two children, I had difficulty getting around. Thanks to the Ultraspecialistis' platform, I received a medical consultation in a few days and started my treatment in Palma de Mallorca."
"Thanks to Ultraspecialisti, my father's diagnosis was made in just two days. This him to start treatment immediately, which proved to be very effective."

How to request an online medical consultation


1. Register yourself on the platform.

2. Choose the ultra-specialist doctor.

3. Answer the specialist’s questions.

4. Upload the reports and diagnostic images (CT, PET, MRI, DICOM files).

5. Make your payment.

6. Receive the consultation and plan the course of treatment.

7. If your doctor deems it necessary, schedule a follow-up visit or monitoring either online or in person.

Our personalised care

Discover our services and find the pathway that best suits your needs.


  • First consultation
    for a new case 180-280 €
  • Videoconsultation
    in-depth exchange after first consultation 60 €
  • First consultation + video consultation
    240-320 €

  • Consultation for patient already in treatment by a doctor
    follow-up visit 113-150 €

  • Single 45 minute
    video consultation 78 €
The price of the consultation includes:
  • List of ultra-specialist doctors divided according to the pathology
  • Medical history prepared by the doctor
  • Unlimited space in the cloud for uploading reports and diagnostic images
  • Doctor’s response within 5 working days
  • Possibility to request further clarification after the consultation
  • Assistance from our customer care during all phases of the consultation 7/7.
Payments accepted: PayPal or credit cards Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro, Discover. Further consultations For consultations following the first one, for examinations, updates or additions in the subsequent 4/6 months (if suggested by the specialist), for multidisciplinary consultations and for Treatment Paths with reduced rates, contact Customer Care to obtain the reduced rate.

What they say about us


Doctors in the community

Our Scientific Committee carefully selects and assesses ultra-specialist doctors, who are only authorised to provide consultations for those pathologies for which they have national and international recognition.

The minimum selection criteria is based on a profile that includes evidence of clinical activity and research in the specific therapeutic area in which they work on a daily basis. To ensure total transparency, the CVs of all doctors are published and easily accessible on our website.